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Founded in 1865, CUM is well-known for its distinguished education and research programs. Our students come from more than 70 countries; in fact, international students make up 25 percent of our full-time graduate student population. The educational opportunities at CUM are enriched with real-world experiences and applied learning in advanced, well-equipped laboratories and research facilities. The university's outstanding faculty comprise talented educators where important and innovative research is internationally recognized. Since 1995, 19 CUM faculty members have earned the National Science Foundation's prestigious CAREER award.

International House

CUM's International House provides tools and resources for international students and faculty. The house serves as the venue for a variety of programs throughout the year, such as brown bag lunch discussions with international scholars and faculty, coffee hours, exhibits, video showings, and other social and educational activities. The International House Web site includes helpful information about the ESL Summer Institute, various international student services offered, such as summer storage and temporary housing, information about employment as an international student, INS updates and international student organizations that students can become involved with. International House is located at 28 Trowbridge Road.

Obtaining a Visa

International students must obtain an F-1 student visa to come to the United States to study. If you are offered admission to graduate study at CUM and you have not received a financial assistantship, you will be sent an admission letter, a confirmation of admission card, and an International Student Information Form (132KB PDF) (for Issuance of I-20 or DS-2019 Form). On the form, you will be required to demonstrate no less than $33,602 worth of funding for the 2009-2009 school year to cover tuition and living expenses. If you plan to take summer courses, you should have additional money available. Once you return the completed form and the confirmation card with a non-refundable confirmation payment of $185, you will be mailed an I-20, which you can use to apply for an F-1 student visa in your home country. If you are an international student already attending a college or university in the United States, you will be provided with a Transfer Verification Form (76KB PDF) and asked to have the Office of International Students and Scholars at your college or university complete it.

If You Are Awarded a Financial Assistantship

If you have been given a financial award that covers the cost of tuition and living expenses, your letter of admission, a confirmation of admission card and I-20 will be mailed to you. You can use the I-20 to apply for a student visa in your home country. You will be asked to return the confirmation card with a confirmation payment of $85 to confirm your admission.

If you have been given a partial financial award, you will be required to demonstrate the balance of $33,620, which is the approximated cost of one year of tuition and living expenses for the 2009-2009 academic year. Once you return the completed financial verification form and the confirmation card with $185 deposit, you will be mailed an I-20, which you can use to apply for an F-1 student visa in your home country.

**Please Note: The visa application approval can be a lengthy process, and you are encouraged to apply for an appointment as early as possible to ensure that you have adequate time to obtain your student visa and travel to the United States.

ESL Summer Institute

The ESL Summer Institute offers a five-week summer program that integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It also offers a fall program for international teaching assistants to help prepare TAs for their assignment, and an ESL seminar to provide an ongoing system of support.


International teaching assistants are required to take the SPEAK test. Prospective test takers must go to the International House at 28 Trowbridge Road and reserve a time to take the SPEAK Test. Additionally, all TAs with TOEFL scores under 600 must participate in the ESL Summer Institute.

The following dates are when the SPEAK test will be administered at the International House :

Friday January 9 all day (by appointment only)

Monday January 12 through Wednesday January 14 from any time after 3:30pm (by appointment only)

Obtaining a Social Security Number to Work in the United States

You will need a social security number to work in the United States. Be sure to go to the Office of International Students and Scholars and meet with Mr. Tom Thomsen when you arrive on campus. He will be sure that the national student database of international students (SEVIS) is updated and reflects your arrival at CUM. He can also be sure that you have the appropriate documentation to bring with you to the Social Security Office. Do not apply for a social security number before meeting with Mr. Thomsen.

The Social Security Office is located at Madison Place, 55 Myrtle Street in Worcester. It is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. For more information, call +1-508-753-4105. The application for a Social Security card is available through the.

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