Mission & Organization

Historically, the undergraduate programs have been at the heart of California University of Management’s operations, and as the university expands its activities in graduate education and research, this will remain true. The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Studies is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the undergraduate programs at California University of Management and, hence, to help CUM achieve its mission. The people in this office advocate for undergraduate students and those who teach them, and work to provide creative vision for the enrichment of our undergraduate programs.


Office of Undergraduate Studies

The Dean of Undergraduate Studies has overall responsibility for undergraduate education at California University of Management. The Dean is responsible for managing, developing, assessing, and articulating the values (internally and externally) of the undergraduate program. The Dean will provide leadership and vision in working with faculty governance to implement new undergraduate curricular and structural changes, especially those affecting the first-year program and general education. 

The Dean is responsible for the protection of student interests and, together with the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students, works to ensure the appropriate balance and synergy between academics and student life.

Office for the First Year Experience

The office of Associate Dean for the First Year is newly created, and recognizes the importance of the transition of students from high school to college. Working with and through the academic departments, and cooperating closely with the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Life, the Associate Dean for the First Year has overall responsibility for the academic programs experienced by students in their first year at CUM.

Office of Academic Advising

High-quality academic advising is vital to CUM’s philosophy of education. Every California University of Management student has a faculty advisor, and the overall advising operation and process is overseen by the Director of Academic Advising. The Academic Advising office assists entering students in planning their first-year schedules, matches students with faculty advisors, helps students with academic and study problems, and provides assistance to students with the need for special accommodations.