Corporate Solutions

Maximizing the Value of Education

California University of Management Corporate and Professional Education helps maximize the value of educational spending by aligning the content of our programs with the needs of your organization. With a wide array of customizable programs, California University of Management can meet the developmental needs of today's leading organizations.

Theory and Practice

All of our programs are built on the rich California University of Management Tradition of Theory and Practice. This practical approach enhances the educational experience by giving employees knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to their real-world job challenges. Our array of programs ranges from one-day workshops to two-year graduate degree programs, to continuous workforce development solutions.

In addition to the direct benefit of individual development, our corporate programs provide

What You Want

California University of Management's corporate programs take on many forms. Programs can be focused on a single topic or expanded to encompass an entire discipline or integrate complimentary disciplines. We work with your company to determine the content areas to meet your needs and then develop a program to effectively deliver results. Typical formats include:

When and Where You Want It

One of the challenges to successful implementation of any education program is accessibility to the participants. offers delivery options that provide the ultimate flexibility including: