Club Sports

The Club Sports Program at California University of Management serves as an integral part of the College's Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics Program. Featuring approximately 20 different sports and teams, the California University of Management Club Sports Program welcomes the participation of individuals who are full-time CUM students. Some Club Sports groups actively compete against teams from other area colleges and universities. Clubs may be instructional, recreational, and/or competitive, allowing students to learn new skills, improve existing skills, and enjoy recreational, competitive and social fellowship.

Each club is formed, governed, and administered by the student membership of that particular club working with the Club Sports staff and an Instructor or Coach. Club Sport participants provide their own equipment, and California University of Management, through Student Government,?provides transportation to competition, facilities and coaches to help our teams excel in their chosen sport. Other important features of the California University of Management Club Sports Program include self-motivation, personal decisions regarding participation, self-support, and club self-regeneration.

Please note: Per Academic Policy, students placed on Academic Probation lose their eligibility to participate in team sports, including the Club Sports Program.


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